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    Creating a community of learners is part of the mission of the Effingham County School District. As a community we are being asked to take learning outside of the brick and mortar building we all think of as "school", but school isn't just a building. This is an opportunity to engage in virtual learning experiences as a community due to inclement weather or other identified school disruptions. While we all stretch and grow during this new challenge, we should all recognize the value of being a life-long learner....under any circumstance.

  • How to log in...

    ECSD Student Login (username)

    s. _____________ _____________ __________________________________________
      first letter of your FIRST name first letter of
    your MIDDLE name
    Full Last Name


    For example, if your name is  "Jane Doe Smith",
    then your ECSD Student Login username would be:



    Default Elementary & Middle School
    ECSD Student Password is    ->      ######@ecsd

    ###### @ecsd
    "######" is the
    school/lunch ID number;

    this number can be
    found in Parent Portal.


    To change your password

    The student will have to access a computer on the network, and then press the CONTROL + ALT + DELETE key at the same time.ctrl + alt + delete