• Mr. Lind will be teaching Physical Science, AP Environmental Science, and Environmental Science this year. In Physical Science we will learn principles of both Chemistry and Physics, and gain an understanding of why & how our world works. In Environmental Science we will learn about the environment and how we impact the environment, including environmental policy and sustainability. AP Environmental Science is a fast-paced, college level course that is a deep dive into all facets of Environmental Science, looking at both local and global issues and exploring possible solutions. 

    Mr. Lind's Schedule (Course titles are linked to Google Classroom pages)

    1 - Physical Science

    2 - Planning

    3 - Physical Science

    4 - AP Environmental Science

    5 - AP Environmental Science

    6 - Environmental Science

    7 - Environmental Science


    Tutorial will be held Thursdays from 4-4:30 or by appointment.

    Contact Me

    e: elind@effingham.k12.ga.us

    p: 912.728.7511

Last Modified on July 31, 2020