• Joscelyn Hutchison

    6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

    Email: jhutchison@effingham.k12.ga.us

    Google Class Code:  Core 1: 3fvpkz

                                            Core 2: zenvbyd

                                            Core 3: 24ruxab

                                            Core 4: v8n0qk


    Classtag Information

          1. Go to classtag.com/activate

          2. Activation Code: ELO6ZZS


    In Sixth Grade ELA this year we will be focusing on. . . 

    Quarter 1: Narrative Writing and Fictional Stories

    Quarter 2: Informational Writing, Research, and Non-Fiction Stories

    Quester 3: Argumentative Writing &  Non-Fiction Articles

    Quarter 4:Poetry & Opinion Writing