Haley Hamilton

    6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

    Assistant Game Cheerleading Coach

    Phone: 912. 754. 7757

    Email: hhamilton@effingham.k12.ga.us

    Welcome to 6th Grade Langauge Arts!

    In this class, our primary focus will be to progress through and exhibit mastery of the Sixth Grade English Language Arts Georgia Standards of Excellence. This class will promote a rigorous yet positive environment where students can grow socially and emotionally through research and collaboration. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to a variety of genres where they will be challenged to analyze, infer, make claims, and draw evidence from texts. As outlined in the Georgia Standards of Excellence, students will expand on their ability to identify central ideas by identifying how themes are shaped and conveyed. Gradually, students will begin to extend their analysis of basic literary elements to identifying connections and complexities within narratives. Students will eventually see how those elements weave together to advance a plot and reveal character. By the end of this year, students will also become aware of the impact of language on tone and meaning and will begin to include sophisticated concepts in their own narrative and expository writing. As a part of the required curriculum, students will advance through a plethora of literary selections. All students should be prepared to participate in various writing workshops, demonstrate appropriate grammar and conventions, and express themselves effectively through a variety of mediums of communication. 





  • Remote Learning

    Please click the link below for access to remote learning information and lessons!

    See my learning targets for a weekly schedule of assignments/ due dates and printable PDFs for students without access to google classroom.

    Remote Learning Lessons


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  • Reading Rocks- Evidence of Reading

    DUE Mar. 6th

    Students will receive an Evidence of Reading form that is to be completed and turned in on 03/06/20. Students will be given class time to begin the assignment but should finish the assignment on their own time before the deadline. 

    This assignment is embedded within the Reading Rocks program that students participate in. Each day, students read a book of their choice for a total of 13 minutes. 

    This program’s goals are as follows:

    1.  To establish reading as a priority within our school
    2. To foster an enjoyment of reading in our students and teachers
    3. To increase students’ Lexile levels
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