Mrs. Cook

Welcome to Mrs. Cook's 2022-2023 ELA class!

  • In ELA, students will be using a variety of resources including poetry, short stories, informational articles, novels, essays, plays, speeches, photographs, videos, and other multimedia resources. In 8th grade ELA we will read and write a LOT, and we will explore other academic disciplines as we read, write, and research.  As we work to improve our reading and writing skills, we will also stretch students' vocabulary and critical thinking abilities. We will practice clearly expressing our thoughts and opinions orally, too. Our reading and writing will involve demonstrating learning with creativity and technology as we endeavor to become problem-solvers.  


    If you need to reach Mrs. Cook at any point this school year, please contact her at, 912-728-7500 or through the REMIND app. 

Last Modified on August 1, 2022