Maria Agnesi


    Sara Huntley

    Teacher of Mathematics


    912.754.5610 ext. 3057





    Welcome! Should you need to reach me, please email or call. Although, I am most easily reached via email. Tutoring is available daily from 7:00 until 7:25 and during Instructional Focus. All notes, assignments, help, resources, and course information can be obtained through Google Classroom. Students should utilize Google Classroom daily! Parents have access as well.


    Supplies for all traditional and virtual classes:

    • TI-84 Plus graphing calculator (CE recommended; will be used for testing and in all HS math classes)

    • 3-ring binder 

    • college-ruled notebook paper

    • dividers

    • graph paper

    • pencils (mechanical pencils are preferred)

    • protractor and compass (Geometry only)



    Hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, and kleenex are greatly appreciated!

Last Modified on July 29, 2020