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    Marnie Dasher, DVM

    Director of Science
    STEM Program at ECCA

    P: 912.754.5610
    F: 912.330.4296



     0 Period 8:00 am - 8:44 am Office hours
     1/2 Period 8:48 am - 10:02 am Honors Biology
     3rd Period 10:06 am - 11:20 am Honors Biology
     4/5 Period 11:24 am - 1:06 pm AP Biology
     6th Period 1:10 pm - 2:25 pm AP Biology

  • Distance Learning Plan


    Honors Biology:

    I have each day in it's own folder with any linked assignments that can be assigned from Schoology.

    • Each day has a page listing all of the assignments
    • There are assignments that cannot be completed within Schoology.  These are listed on the daily assignment page and links for Pearson, USA Test Prep and Khan Academy are available at the top of the class resources.  Each student received a reminder card in class with their log-in information printed on it for USA TestPrep and Pearson.
    • I have uploaded an overview of the entire 10 day curriculum at the top of the Unit 4 Genetics folder. 


    Screenshot from Schoology

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    schoology screenshot


    AP Biology: 

    The Distance Learning Folder is located within the Unit 8 Ecology folder.  Within this folder you will find a "READ ME FIRST" document that outlines the entire curriculum and gives an overview of each day.  Day assignments include FRQ's on the AP Classroom, Pearson Mastering activities, quizzes, and scientific skills, vocabulary (perviously assigned) and the Ecology learning project.  There are 5 google documents that will fulfill our Ecology learning project (the first is a general overview and lists all due dates).  Due dates for each module are outlined in the overview, on each document, and in the due date for the Schoology submission.  Please be sure to note due times for quizzes and time allowances where noted.  

    AP Bio Distance Learning Folder


Last Modified on March 17, 2020