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    Dear Parents, Caregivers, and 7th Grade ELA Students,

    Welcome to my class! I look forward to a great year together! My lesson plans, assignments, and class materials are housed in Google Classroom. My goal is for you to have the best ELA experience possible! 

    Simply put - I love teaching Language Arts! I also love school and working with students. I hold certifications in Elementary and Middle Grades Education, and also Special Education. In addition, I earned a Master's Degree in Elementary Education in 2002. I attended Armstrong Atlantic State University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. My husband, Martin, and I live in Springfield. We have three children, and our youngest attends Kennesaw State University. We enjoy camping, traveling, hiking, and the beach.   

    I offer tutoring on Mondays from 4:00-4:45. I ask that parents email me to confirm attendance at tutoring, and that they will pick students up promptly at 4:45. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm excited about working with you!

    I'm the sponsor of the ECMS Writing Club, which meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 3:45-4:45 Please join us! Writing is fun! I also co-sponsor the ECMS Miniatures Club with Mr. Sheridan. Gaming is fun, too! Come on out, make some friends, and have a good time after school! 

    Mrs. Angela Wilkins

    7th English/Language Arts

    Effingham County Middle School












  • Mrs. Wilkins’ 7th ELA 




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    Hi Parents/Guardians,


    The purpose of this newsletter is to let you know about some important parts of my ELA class this year. Students are provided an agenda of each day’s lesson on the board, and lessons are broken up into a Warm-up, Work Session, and Closing. These are a few reminders about ongoing assignments for students and parents:


    1. Google Classroom


    My classes use Google Classroom. Your student is enrolled in one of my classes. Assignments are listed according to topics. I post daily slides that include the lesson content and all assignments. If your student is absent, this is the place they should go for make-up work. Everything your student needs for my class is in our Google Classroom! Check it out! We do a lot of work in there! Please note: Not all assignments are graded in GC. Some grades are transferred from GC to Infinite Campus. Please check Infinite Campus for your student’s current grade and/or missing assignments. These are the grades reported on progress reports and report cards. 

    1. Tutoring


    I offer tutoring on Mondays from 3:45 to 4:30. Please email me to confirm your student will attend by the prior week. Students will need a prompt ride at 4:30. 

    1. Book Reports


    Students are required to read 20-30 minutes nightly. Reading is foundational for Lexile growth, and doing well in other subjects. The grade level target Lexile for 7th grade is around 970. Our goal is to get students there and beyond. Students take the next RI test (for a new lexile) in August, December and April. 


    Students will have a book report assignment each nine week period. The book report is broken up into chunks, and check-points are done in class to make sure they’re on the right track. Each assignment is linked with the type of reading we are doing each quarter. For instance, we are reading narratives the first quarter, so students will read a fiction book for their first quarter book report. Instructions have been given to students, and are also located in Google Classroom. An email was sent to parents through Infinite Campus Messenger about this assignment.


    Please ask your student to read consistently!  Students should bring their book report books to school each day. They will use them in class.


    1. Writing Performance Tasks - (WPT) - one per quarter.


    Students will complete a WPT assignment each quarter. They are counted as test grades in Infinite Campus. Students will complete them mostly at school, however some work may be required at home. 

    1. Extra Credit - Book Talk Presentations,


    Students have the opportunity to get points added to their lowest grade during the nine weeks with Book Talk Presentations. They can prepare a powerpoint, mini-triboard, poster, model, etc. that highlights their current reading book. It should include pictures and text information about: characters, setting, conflict, plot diagram (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution) for the book, and a recommendation. Book talks will be presented to the class by the student, and they will be displayed in class. (These are great reading motivators for other students!)

    1. ECMS Media Center/SORA/Book Fair


    Students have the opportunity to visit the Media Center during my class period. They have joined the Media Center Google Classroom that includes a link to a digital library called SORA. This is available free to all students. The Media Center also hosts a book fair. Students will visit it on September 13 during my class. Students will need money to purchase books at the book fair. They can also check out books from the library at this time. 



    I hope this information is helpful, and that your student is successful in ELA this year! I want them to hit the target with 7th grade standards and grow their reading lexile. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Your kids are terrific! I’m enjoying teaching them! Our 7th grade schedule is attached to this document. 


    Thank you for your support!

    -Mrs. Angela Wilkins                                    



    Wilkins 7th Grade Schedule                      

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