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    Name: John Breckenridge, M.Ed.
    Email: jbreckenridge@effingham.k12.ga.us
    Phone: 912.772.7001

    School Closure Learning Plan for Mr. Breckenridge's Classses in Georgia History

    We are presently closed due to coronavirus outbreak and so we are working remotely from home. I have posted virtual lessons on Google Classroom for your student to complete while they are away from school. 

    Each of my Google Classrooms has a different Classroom Code that your student needs to access their assignments. They should already be logged in, but if they are asked for the code, here they are:

    2nd Period GA History: jjq36pg

    3rd Period GA History: cuxysxy

    4th Period GA History: vad35ym

    5th Period GA History: owikfce

    On Google Classroom students will find Clever/Gallopade Exercises and Lessons to complete that review what we've learned in the first 3 Nine Weeks of the year. Also there will be Quizizz Assignments that will allow students to test their own knowledge of the material. All assignments will be visible in the top of my Google Classrooms section called "School Shutdown Learning Lessons". 
    The Lessons on Google Classroom will be updated every few days so, please keep checking back.
    Please let me know if you have any questions. I am available during school hours at the email address above, and happy to assist you during this time.
    Kind regards,

    John S. Breckenridge

    "Post tenebras lux...Light after darkness"

    John 8:12