• Rincon Elementary is a Title I School


    What is Title I?

    Title I is the largest federally funded program for elementary, middle, and high schools.  Through Title I, money is given to school districts around the country based on the number of low-income families in each district.  Each district uses its Title I money for extra educational services for children most in need of educational help.  The focus of the Title I program is on helping all students meet the same high standards expected of all children.


    Title I helps students, teachers, and parents!

    Title I programs can help:

    ·        Children do better in school and feel better about themselves

    ·        Teachers understand the needs and concerns of students and parents

    ·        Parents understand their child and be more involved in the child’s education


    How Title I helps children

    Title I schools work to:

    ·        Identify students most in need of educational services

             (students do not have to meet income standards to qualify)

    ·        Set goals for improvement

    ·        Measure student progress using standards set in the state’s Title I plan

    ·        Develop programs that add to regular classroom instruction

    ·        Involve parents in all aspects of the program


    Ways Parents Can GET INVOLVED!

    Become active in your Title I Program by doing the following:

    ·        Learn more about the school, curriculum, special programs, Title I and your rights                              and responsibilities

    ·        Teach your child in ways that ask what the teacher is doing

    ·        Know Your Rights because knowledge is power

    ·        Participate and Support your child academically at school and home

    ·        Make Decisions about your child’s education and academic program

    ·        Keep in contact with your child’s teacher through telephone, e-mail, or face-to-face