Welcome ESOL Friends!
    ESOL stands for English to Speakers of Other Languages, a program to support students whose home language is one other than English. Effingham County is linguistically and culturally diverse and students at Marlow and Sand Hill Elementary speak Spanish, Tagalog, German, Russian, Portuguese, Pashto, and Gujarati among others. Our English Learners (ELs) make our schools a brighter place and we are so glad they are here!
    Want to learn more about ESOL or ELs? Check out my Parent ESOL Resources or Teacher ESOL Resources page for links to sites with information and resources. 
    Have more questions about ESOL at Marlow or Sand Hill Elementary? Contact me, Ms. H, at mhepburn@effingham.k12.ga.us. 
    Ms. H with GLOW Club in Kasane, Botswana.