• Welcome to Mr. Kent's 8th grade ELA class.  8th grade language arts is a concentrated study of the art of our language.  We will explore and enjoy all of the aspects of language arts such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  I am looking forward to a highly successfull year with all of my students.  My goal is to grow student understanding within all of the aspects of Language Arts, and to allow students to explore different types of literature, as well as different forms of writing.  This page will serve as the location for all of my weekly learning targets, which will allow students and parents to see what we are focusing on in class on a weekly basis.  I am looking forward to another great year at EMS, and welcome to 8th grade ELA!!!


    Weekly Learning Targets

    September 16th-September 20th

    Monday- Test Review. We will review literary elements such as plot, setting, theme, conflict, etc., as well as chapter reviews for the first 6 chapters of "The Cay."

    Tuesday- Test Day.  Literary Elements/The Cay Test.

    Wednesday- Journal Entry/Google Classroom Assignment sentence types.  We will begin class with a small group activity which will involve central idea, text type identification, and citing textual evidence to support.  

    Thursday- Journal Entry.  Paired text lesson involving realistic fiction and poetry.  Poetry mini-lesson.  Students will engage in comprehension questions involving the paired text.  

    Friday- Unit 1 Common Interim Assessment Review.

    September 9th-September 13th

    Monday- Google Classroom Assignment/Sentence Type Activity. Literary elements review.  Students will be reading "The Cay" and annotating the text as they read.  Plot activity.

    Tuesday- Library Visit.  Literary elements review.  Students will be reading "The Cay" and annotating the text as they read.  The class will then answer comprehension questions over Chapters 1 and 2.

    Wednesday- Sentence Type/Usage activity.  Literary elements review.  Small group fictional elements activity and comprehension questions over the book.  Students will be reading "The Cay" and annotating the text as they read.  The class will record key plot points, character traits, and conflicts within the novel.  

    Thursday- Writing workshop over Chapters 1 through 3.  Objective summary.  Once the students are finished with the writing workshop the class will continue reading "The Cay."

    Friday- Elements of fiction Quiz.  After students finish the quiz, they will be given time to read "The Cay" and annotate the text as they read.

    September 3rd-September 6th

    Tuesday- Journal Entry. Annotation Guidelines.  The class be reading a nonfiction text and annotating the text as they read.  Students will be instructed to identify the central idea and evidence to support the central idea.  Students will then answer comprehension based questions from the text.

    Wednesday- No School

    Thursday- Argumentative writing elements review.  Transition words/phrases review. PEG writing platform.  Students will be finishing their argumentative essay on PEG writing.

    Friday- Journal Entry/Sentence Types.  The class will be analyzing fiction elements such as character, plot, theme, conflict, and setting.  Students will then begin reading "The Cay."

    August 26th-August 30th

    Monday- 8 parts of speech review.  Narrative article, "I live in a refugee camp."  Students will be covering how to identify the central idea of an article, as well as the process of constructing an objective summary.  

    Tuesday- Daily Grammar Practice(Sentence types identification and construction).  Close reading small group activity and analysis of the Scope article.  Students will then complete a short quiz over the article, which will count for a grade.

    Wednesday- Journal Entry.  Argumentative review.  We will continue our review of argumentative writing elements.  Students will be given the opportunity to work on their argumentative essay.

    Thursday- Daily Grammar Practice.  PEG writing.

    Friday- Creative writing/journal entry involving the theme of "The Cay."  Students will be introduced to our reading assignment for the 9 weeks, which will be "The Cay."  Students will be given time to read and take notes over narrative elements within the novel.


    August 19th-August 23rd

    Monday- Whole group discussion over "The Treasure of Lemon Brown."  We will continue our 8 parts of speech lesson. Adjective and Adverb idenfication activity.  Introduction of subject and predicate.

    Tuesday- Daily Grammar Practice.  Subject and predicate small group activity.  We will continue with our PEG writing revisions on the argumentative writing prompt we started last week.  

    Wednesday- Daily Grammar Practice (8 parts of speech).  We will continue working on our argumentative writing prompt in the PEG writing platform.  Students will view the feedback from their 1st draft and we will discuss the feedback in a whole group discussion.  Students will then begin revisions and start their 2nd draft.

    Thursday- Daily Grammar Practice (8 parts of speech).  We will review the 8 parts of speech.  Students will continue working on their argumentative writing and submit their 2nd draft in the PEG writing platform.

    Friday- 8 parts of speech quiz.  Pre-reading activity for "The Cay."


    August 12th-August 16th

    Monday- Independent and Dependent clause review.  Students will be given time to finish their writing prompt from Friday.  After completion of the writing prompt we will begin our lesson over the 8 parts of speech with an emphasis on adjectives.  Daily Writing prompt:  If you are writing an advertisement for a brand new product, would you call it "new-fangled" or "cutting edge" to attract buyers.  

    Tuesday- Sentence types activity.  We will continue with our Parts of Speech lesson, and daily focus will be Adverbs.  Upon completion of the adverbs lesson the class will be introduced to the PEG writing platform, and we will introduce the PEG writing prompt for Wednesday.  As a whole group activity we will read and annotate the article tied to the writing prompt and students will complete a graphic organizer.

    Wednesday-  PEG writing prompt.  Students will construct a written response on the PEG writing platform and analyze feedback on their response.

    Thursday- RI Testing.  Upon completion of the RI test students will begin reading "The Treasue of Lemon Brown."

    Friday- Library orientation. The class will continue reading "The Treasure of Lemon Brown," and students will analyze the text within their small groups.