Rebel Boy's Lacrosse
    A letter from Coach Nix for all the fans, parents, and players.
    To all the rebel lacrosse players, parents, and fans I hope the message finds you safe and well. As we all come to deal with this major change to our typical way of life, through the end of the school year and maybe even longer, I hope that you will look back at this time and remember all the good that came out of this season. 
    For the fans, you got to see the great new sport of lacrosse at ECHS in the first ever official GHSA season. You got to see a Varsity team get their first ever GHSA win. You got to see the first ever JV team made up of mostly brand new players compete and win. 
    For the parents, you saw your children find their place and work hard at something to improve or learn something new. Parents, you got to see your child play the great game of lacrosse. You got to see them leave it all on the field and care for each other. In all, you saw 37 student athletes come together as a group of young men working toward the overall goals of getting better as individual players, teammates, and growing into young men. 
    For the players some of you had the courage to try a brand new sport. Some of you scored your first goal ever, took a face-off for the first time or played in your first JV or Varsity game. You improved your defense, your off hand and your shooting. You became better friends, teammates, students, and people. 
    For the seniors you were the first senior group to play in the GHSA. Some of you have been on the team since you were freshman and others joined later but all were committed to the growth of this sport in our school and community. 
    When we learned the season was over it took awhile for it to sink in and in some ways it still hasn't. I am continually working toward a time when we can celebrate all of you but that is still not known at this point. We will do something and I will keep in touch regarding those details. 
    This group was special and it is a shame the season had to end this way. I wish you all the best and hope that I get to see you all soon. Go Rebels!
    All the best,
    Coach Nix
    Current Info as of 4/14
    I am waiting for our coaches meeting later this week to find out when this can happen but we will have a pick up and drop off time for items ordered and for borrowed items. If we are able to get some type of game going in the summer I will redistribute. If you are an underclassman and rented a helmet you may hold on to it but seniors need to let me hold onto theirs. again i will know more by the end of the week. 
    If your sponsor has asked about their sponsorship we will roll those over to next year. Same with game passes. We will just apply this years to next year if we have more home games and if they are more expensive.
    A banquet will take place in the summer. More details to come on that, hoping to include a blue white type game if possible for the seniors to get one last opportunity.
    There is talk of a summer league where the first games would have seniors be allowed to play. Again more info on this to come. 
    2020 Season Info
    New Players
    • Join the remind group by texting @echslax to the number 81010. This is the primary form of contact we use for the team.
    • Summer workouts are a great time to learn the game. We will have former players out with us to help you learn the basics. 
    • All equipment can be borrowed until you can get your own. Most players like to have their own equipment. Required equipment items are sticks, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads and helmet.
    • See coach Nix in room 409 or reach out with remind for any equipment questions.

    General Information

    • Tryouts are 1/20 - 1/22 - Players must have physical and be eligible to play
    • Practice Schedules are avaliable from Coach Nix. 



    Helmets can be rented or purchased. My goal is for everyone to purchase their own helmet but I know that for some this is not possible and I will do my best to accommodate every situation.



    I have some avaliable for purchase at various price points so let me know if you need gloves.


    Player Fee

    This year we are going to do a team pack that will include each players shooting shirt, practice jersey, quarter zip/ hoodie, practice shorts and team bag. The player fee is to help with the cost of balls, equipment, field paint, nets, official’s fees and league dues. We do make money from the gates and fundraisers that will also help with these as well. 


    Final Note

    Please come and see me to discuss any financial issue that you may have. I have plenty of equipment that can be borrowed at no extra cost and I want to make this sport accessible to all who truly want to play. I am here to grow the game and that starts with you.

Last Modified on April 14, 2020