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    Name: Brandon Smith 
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    Welcome Parents/Guardians and Students!
    -To be sure your students and you are informed about the school and class rules, please read the following ECHS classroom management plan and our class syllabus.

    Classroom Management Plan

    The teacher must present each student with a copy of this behavior management plan on the first day of school, and it must be signed by the student and parent(s).  The date that the plan is distributed and returned should be documented.

    Step 1:  For the 1st minor offense, parents will be contacted, and the parental contact will be documented in Infinite Campus.  Parental contact must be two-way communication.  (If the 1st offense is a major offense, skip to Step 4.)

    Step 2:  For the 2nd minor offense, a detention will be assigned, and parents will be contacted.  The detention and the parental contact will be documented in Infinite Campus.  Detention 1 is Strike 1.  (If the 2nd offense is a major offense, skip to Step 4.)

    Step 3:  For the 3rd minor offense, a detention will be assigned, and parents will be contacted.  The detention and the parental contact will be documented in Infinite Campus.  Detention 2 is Strike 2.  (If the 3rd offense is a major offense, skip to Step 4).

    Step 4:  A referral should be submitted.  The referral is Strike 3.  The dates for all parental contact should be listed on the referral under Details.

    Minor Offenses

    ***For the following minor offenses, the teacher will assign a detention:  sleeping, eating in class, being out of seat, singing, talking, horse playing, etc.

    Major Offenses

    ***For the following major offenses, the teacher will either send the student to the discipline office immediately or press the black button for assistance:

    (1)                aggressive or disrespectful behavior towards a teacher

    (2)                the use of profane language towards a teacher

    (3)                verbal or physical altercation with another student

    (4)                bullying

    (5)                medical emergency

    (6)                drugs

    (7)                weapon

    (8)                theft


    *** If a student reports to class after 10 minutes without a legal pass, allow the student to remain in the classroom.  Be sure to submit a referral so an investigation can occur.

    Cell Phone

    ***A referral should be submitted on the 1st offense for using a cell phone without permission. The teacher should confiscate the cell phone and take it to the front office.  The student should remain in the classroom.  If the student becomes unruly, send the student to the office immediately or press the black button for assistance.


    This behavior management plan has the potential to produce a number of positive results:

    (1)                When possible, it is important for students to be made aware of classroom rules and procedures and the consequences for breaking them before consequences are assigned.  Reviewing this plan with students will encourage them to take responsibility for their own behavior. 

    (2)                This plan will create an environment that is conducive to learning and may improve the academic performance of all students in the classroom.  Students who are able to remain in the classroom will be able to receive the instruction they need in order to meet course requirements. 

    (3)                This plan will promote discipline that is fair, equitable, and consistent. 


    World History Syllabus

    Mr. Smith



    The high school world history course provides students with a comprehensive and intensive study of major events and themes in world history. Students begin with a study of the earliest civilizations worldwide and continue to examine major developments and themes in all regions of the world.  The course culminates in a study of changes, continuity, and globalization at the beginning of the 21st century. Students should expect a rigorous work schedule that will prepare them for success in this, and future classes.


    Class Rules

    1. BE HERE ON TIME, anyone not on time will be counted as tardy and will have to go get a tardy pass.
    2. NO PHONES, unless I tell you to use it for research. No charging your phone in class.
    3. NO FOOD in class. You may have a water bottle with a lid on it.
    4. BE QUIET. If I ask you more than once to be quiet, a conversation with your parent/guardian will be had.  Further occurrences will result in harsher consequences.
    5. BE RESPECTFUL to others and keep your hands to yourselves.
    6. NO PROFANITY. Any student using profane language will be given a referral automatically.
    7. NO ONE MAY USE THE RESTROOM DURING INSTRUCTION. If it is an emergency, only one person can go to the restroom at a time.  Go before you get here.


    • Any disregard for these rules will have consequences. Please be respectful of me and your fellow classmates as time is precious.  We only have about 140 hours to learn all about world history this school year and I want you to do your best.
    • Students are expected to be familiar with the code of conduct as laid out in the student handbook.   This includes knowing the simple rules and the standard punishments that are delegated to violators.  These rules include:
      1. Dress code and uniform policy:
      2. No use of cell phones or headphones for any reason other than teacher approved activities.
      3. Avoid being tardy for class.



                Students will be tested after each unit of material is completed.  The tests will be announced ahead of time and posted so that students will have adequate time to prepare.  Preparation throughout each unit is strongly advised.  All tests will be on Performance Matters bubble sheets.  This course contains a Local End of Course Test which will count as 20% of the student’s final grade. 



                It is important that students attend all classes.  We will cover a lot of material in a day and if a student is not in class he or she will fall behind.  Students will not be able to make up work that was missed because of unexcused absences.  It is the responsibility of the student to make up all work that was missed during an absence.  If you miss a test, depending on how many days you missed prior to the test, you will have between one day and a week to make it up from the date of your return, no exceptions.  Students must schedule a time to make up the test with me, don’t expect me to come to you.  If you are absent the day before a test, you will still be expected to take the test, as this is usually a review day (time and behavior permitting).




                Each student will need a three ring binder to keep his or her notes in.  All tests will be on Performance Matters bubble sheets so it will be important to have a pencil on test days.  You will not get a pencil from your teacher.  Blue and black ink pens are acceptable for daily assignments and notes. 


    Grades            Class work, including quizzes…..40%, Homework…..10%, Tests……50%, and the LEOCT…..20%: The class work, homework, and test grades from each 9 weeks will result in 80% of your final grade.  The remaining 20% will be the result of your LEOCT score.