• South Effingham High School Athletic Hall of Fame Purpose

    To recognize, celebrate, and display the names of those men and women who have displayed outstanding ability in recognized interscholastic high school sports while they were athletes or coaches at South Effingham High School.    

       Qualifications and Criteria for Selection

    • Athlete nominee (SEHS graduate 10+ years)
    • Coached at SEHS (must be retired from public education)
    • Outstanding contribution to SEHS athletics
    • Nominated by a community member
    • Approved by the nominating committee
    • Exceptional character and integrity post SEHS career


    Each year, a minimum of one (1) and no more than five (5) inductees will be accepted into the South Effingham High School Hall of Fame. 

    Selection Committee

     The committee will consist of a maximum of seven (7) members. Members will be made up of alumni, former coaches and/or administrators that shall include the schools’ current athletic director and principal.


    •  Any individual meeting the qualifications listed above may be nominated by a community member.
    • A written resume of the candidate’s credentials and achievements must accompany the nomination form.
    • Nomination of candidates for entry into the Hall of Fame shall be made annually, prior to July 1.
    • Nominees not selected will be carried over to the following year.


    • All nominees will be reviewed by the selection committee, with a majority vote of the committee in favor of the nominee for entrance into the Hall of Fame.

    Honoree’s Recognition

    • South Effingham High School Athletic Hall of Fame will honor individuals by induction into the Hall of Fame.
    • Formal induction and recognition shall take place at a time and place selected by the committee.
    • Public recognition will be held at a home basketball contest.


Last Modified on October 27, 2022