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    Parent Guide to THE MUSTANG WAY 

    The Mustang Way (PBIS) is a schoolwide approach to teaching behavioral expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum subject. This process focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students. With The Mustang Way, instructional time is more effectively used for teaching. The overall school environment is calm and conducive to learning. Research shows that students achieve at a higher level when they know school expectations and feel safe. 


    The Mustang Way provides detailed expectations in the main areas of our school, while putting an emphasis on students being ready, responsible, and respectful. The success of our plan will improve with time and with the participation of our families. The Mustang Way elements are:

    1. There are three overall expectations for being a good student. During our lessons, students will be explicitly taught the 3R’s, including how expectations of being a good student plays out in different school settings. Posters throughout the school will advertise and reinforce the 3R’s. 

    • Be Ready

    • Be Responsible

    • Be Respectful

    1. The Mustang Way plan includes elements of a traditional discipline matrix that includes school-wide expectations, specific consequences for breaking those expectations/rules, and a system of documenting the interventions attempted to reduce the problem behavior through positive support and explicit teaching of appropriate behaviors rather than through fear of punishment. When students follow expectations, they can receive various incentives. 

    2. Students who exhibit the 3R’s will be able to earn Mustang points throughout their school day by all staff members. Students will be able to spend those points at The Trading Post each nine weeks. 

    3. Students who do not have an office referral for the nine weeks will also get an invitation to TMW celebration at the end of the nine weeks. 

Last Modified on November 17, 2022