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    Brooke Deal
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    Brooke Deal
     Hi! My name is Brooke Deal and I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). This is my sixth year at Sand Hill Elementary and I love being a part of the Sand Hill "family". 

    My job is to help diagnose and treat students with communication impairments. Below is a brief description of Speech and Language Disorders:

    Speech Disorders
    • Articulation - the way we say our speech sounds
    • Phonology - the speech patterns we use
    • Apraxia - difficulty planning and coordinating the movements needed to make speech sounds
    • Fluency - stuttering
    • Voice - problems with the way the voice sounds, such as hoarseness
    Language Disorders
    • Receptive Language - difficulty understanding language
    • Expressive Language - difficulty using language
    • Pragmatic Language - social communication; the way we speak to each other


    In addition to providing therapy, I also enjoy spending time with my family on the farm. I am married with two beautiful daughters, Madeline and Sally Wryce. My family also has a four-legged member, Lilly. 





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