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    What is STEA2M and Why do we 'square' the A? 




    DE Partnership       


    This year the Effingham County Board of Education has given SEMS the opportunity to form a Partnership with Discovery Education! DE experts will work closely with our administration as well as a group of teachers and their classrooms to help our STEA2M program continue its mission to Grow into Greatness!     


    SEMS will work closely with DE through their problem-based, integrated units designed for each grade level  DE will work with our teachers to customize these units to meet our needs.   

    DE will help us as:                                                                                                                                                 

    • All students participate in "Little STEM" within their content areas through integrated lessons.
    • Students will participate in "Big STEM" on their STEA2M team based on an overarching theme for their grade level.  
    • We continue our Extended Learning Opportunities at Honey Ridge Agricenter to bring the classroom to life.

    For STEA2M, our overarching school focus is....                                                     

    How do relationships within structures and systems affect or create change? 

    • 6th grade: How can 6th grade ensure and sustain quality water and soil systems at Honey Ridge? 
    • 7th grade: How can 7th grade maintain balance among organisms to sustain growth at Honey Ridge? 
    • 8th grade:  How can 8th grade conserve structures and systems to encourage the productions of viable resources at Honey Ridge?   


    If you have questions or need help please contact:

    Mrs. Bonorato, STEA2M Coach

    SEMS by email: bbonorato@effingham.k12.ga.us     

    Use the Heading:  STEA2M Q    

    Thank you for your support!
    Brandi Bonorato
    SEMS STEA2M Coach  
    SEMS  912-728-7500 
Last Modified on October 18, 2021