• My name is Aaron Hall and I am entering my 22nd year of teaching and coaching.  This year will be my fourth year in Effingham County and I will be teaching PE and wt. lifting at ECMS.  I am also a varsity asst. football coach at ECHS.  I graduated from Georgia College and State University with a B.S. in Health and Physical Education.  I also have a M.Ed. degree from Troy University in Educational Leadership as well as an Ed. S. from Augusta State University.  My wife and I have two wonderful children ages 16 and 13.  My son is entering the 11th grade and will attend ECHS and my daughter is in the 8th grade at EMS.  I am excited about being in Effingham County and I look forward to the 2019 - 2o20 school year!  
    School Break PE/ Wt workout

    Mon. - Friday

    Stretch first to loosen up
    Run/ walk for (5) minutes
    4 sets x 10 - Body Squats
    4 sets x 10 - Lunges
    4 sets x 10 - Lateral Lunges
    4 sets x 30 sec. planks
    4 sets x 15 pushups
    4 sets x 15 dips
    100 Crunches (Reg. crunch/ v - crunch/ R/L sock push/ R/L Figure 4 double crunch/ Rocky situps/ Bicycle/ Toe Touch) 10 each and make sure you get your legs straigh out - Challenge yourself to keep your feet off of the floor until you get to rocky situps and after that get your feet off of the floor again.
    Run/ Walk (3) minutes 
    Stretch when finished
    * Play/ exercise outside as much as possible to refrain from being inside around germs.  Being outside and active is one of the best ways to avoid germ exposure as well as keep your body healthy and immune system strong. 
    Aaron Hall