• Spanish 3 2019-2020

    My name is Robin Conner.  I am very excited to be your teacher this year.  I am originally from Illinois. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Secondary Education from Benedictine University and my Master’s in Teaching and Learning and ESOL from the University of St. Francis.  I have studied and traveled to Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, and The Dominican Republic. This will be my 9th year teaching high school Spanish.  I am also an ESOL instructor for a university in Illinois.  I look forward to a great year as you continue your journey of learning Spanish!

    Materials Needed:

    • A three-ringed binder or folder that you use only for Spanish
    • Notebook 
    • Pen or pencil and highlighter
    • Spanish-English dictionary (optional, but recommended) 
    • Index cards 

    Wish List:

    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Disinfectant Wipes
    • Glue sticks
    • Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
    • Tissue paper

    A syllabus will be provided during the first week of school.  Thank you for coming by and visiting! I look forward to teaching you this year!  



    Robin Conner

    Spanish Teacher- ECHS Room 110


  • Quizlet



  • Español 3---Choice Board---2019-2020

    Whenever we learn a new section of vocabulary, you must complete the following assignment.  Choose TWO of the choices to complete using only the words from the current section of your vocabulary list.  You must use ALL words from that section unless specified below.  You may do a 3rd option for extra credit. The due date of each choice board assignment will be provided in advance.  You may only type your words if you choose option #6.    

    Choice #



    Write each vocabulary word 3 times in Spanish and 1 time in English.


    Write out vocabulary words using 2 different colors.  Use one color for consonants and another color for vowels.


    Write a story or comic using at least 10 vocabulary words entirely in Spanish.  No use of translator, etc.


    Write vocabulary words using the step method.







    Write all vocabulary words in Spanish and draw a picture for each one.


    Create a crossword or word search with the clues in English and answers in Spanish.  Provide the answer key.


    Use at least 12 words in Spanish 3 quality sentences. No use of translator, etc.


    Think of a way that you can prove your mastery of the vocabulary and get it approved before doing it!

  • Signed syllabus- 8/14

    Leccion Preliminar- Quiz #1- vocabulary and gustar 8/15

    Choice board and wordsearch due 8/15

    Conjugation-Present Tense

    Quiz Thurs 8/22

    Exam Tues 8/27

    LP Quizlet WS due Tues. 9/10/19

    CB due Thurs. 9/12

    LP  ser v estar and vocab quiz Thurs. 9/12/19

    LP Comparisons quiz 9/18/19

    Reflexive Quiz 9/24/19

    LP multiple choice test 9/26/19

    LP speaking test 9/26-9/27 

    LP Project due 10/1

    U1L2 preterite vs. imperfect exam 11/21

    U1L2 vocab quiz 12/5

    U1L2 project due 12/10

    U2L1 Quiz persuade & tu commands 1/15

    Quiz organize project formal comm. 1/23

    U2L1 exam 1/28

    U2L2 Quiz 2/7

    U2L2 Speaking exam 2/20

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