•  Welcome to 10th World Literature and Composition!

    Name: Amy Liles
    Email Address: aliles@effingham.k12.ga.us
    Phone number: 912-754-6404

    Tutoring Schedule: Thursdays: 3:45 - 4:15  (Any other day by appointment.)



    Please select on your class period calendar below in order to see what we have done for the day.

    1st Period 10th Lit Class Calendar

    2nd period 10th Lit Class Calendar

    3rd period 10th Lit Honors Class Calendar

    7th period 10th Lit Class Calendar


    Honors Summer Reading for the 2019-2020 school year:

    2019-20 10th Honors Summer Reading Letter and Instructions

    Constructed Response Questions and Rubric for responses

    Annotation Guide



    In addition to our class calendar (see above), this is another way to receive the latest news about things happening in class. Get a reminder about upcoming tests, quizzes, essays, etc.  Please join the class by the period in which your student is taking the course.

    1st period: text @b4649 to 81010

    2nd period: text @962fcb to 81010

    3rd period: text @b2c4d to 81010

    7th period: text @dbgdek to 81010

    *After you send a message, it will ask you to type in your name. Parents, please put your name followed by your student’s name in parentheses.


    Materials Needed:
    • A binder.

    • Divider tabs.  (You may use colored paper to separate sections if you would like.)

      • You may want to have a section for bell work, unit materials, vocabulary, homework

    • Blue or black pens and pencils.

    • A red pen

    • A Highlighter of any color.

    • College-ruled notebook paper.

    • Index Cards (any size is fine)

    • Pack of Post-it Notes

    • Flash drive or jump drive -- optional, but highly recommended.





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