• Sarah Martin

    Director of Social Studies

    Room Number: 704


    912.754.5610 (tel) 912.754.5611 (fax)

    Welcome to World History, Honors World History and AP Human Geography! I am so excited to be a part of the STEM Program @ ECCA.   I hope we have an excellent year! For all assignments, power points, video, and any other classroom necessities, please visit Schoology. 

    Course Schedule:

    1/2 period 8:48-10:03 World History

    3 period: 10:06-11:21 Honors World History

    4/5 period: 11:24-11:54, lunch, 12:26-1:11 Honors World History

    Second Lunch: 11:57-12:23

    6 period: 1:14-2:29 Honors World History

    2:29: dismiss SEHS bus riders

    2:32: dismiss remaining students


    Every Monday and Thursday the STEM program will be on an Insturctional Focus schedule. 


Last Modified on July 30, 2018