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    While ECHS has had students interested in broadcast through the years, the Broadcast Video Production pathway did not begin until fall 2011. From the late 1990's until 2003, there were a number of students who stayed after school and produced news shows and features that were aired on the closed circuit television system at ECHS. Others soon followed to assist adviser Brian Holt in video taping pageants and graduations.
    Radio production began at ECHS in 2006. Holt, along with fellow teacher Andy Powell began broadcasting Rebel football games on low power FM station WSGV 105.7 in Springfield. They also began internet streaming football games a year later. Powell and Holt decided to create TheRebelRadio.com, an internet radio station, to broadcast more games and other acitivites. The online station began August 9, 2010. On Dec. 6, 2011, Rebel Radio began broadcasting on 1610 AM using a part 15 certified AM microbroadcasting transmitter on the roof of the school.

    TheRebelTV.com, powered by GHSA.tv, launched on Sept. 14, 2011.
     Now, live video streaming of ECHS events can occur wherever there is an internet connection.
    News & Updates
    On March 13, 2010, the Broadcast News Production team was named THIRD-BEST at the State SkillsUSA Conference. Team members were Clint Fagin, Hunter McGilvray, Wade Rogers, and Stephanie Simmons.
    The television and radio studios are housed in room 604.
    About us
    Andy Powell and Brian began broadcasting Rebel football games in 2006 on WSGV-FM 105.7 and gaprep.com. Powell and Holt started an online radio station for ECHS on therebelradio.com in August 2010. Through the use of social media like facebook, twitter, and youtube, Rebel fans can stay connected Rebel sports.
    Join us
    See Mr. Powell in room 604 for more information about the Broadcasting programs at ECHS. Broadcasters are also wanted to broadcast news on TV and produce shows for radio! 
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