Students must arrive at school and be in the building by 8:20 each day.  If a student arrives after 8:20 they must have a parent/guardian sign them into school.  Students will be dismissed from school at 3:50.  Students who miss more than half of the school day will be marked absent.  Students who sign out of school prior to 12:00 will be marked absent.   Students who sign out  or sign in to school for doctors/dentist appointments will be marked with an unexcused tardy/leave.  Parents should send in a note from the doctor/dentist the following day so the leave can be changed to an excused tardy/leave. 
    Students will not be allowed to be signed out after 3:30 (12:20 on half days) 
                                                                             CAR RIDER DROP OFF AND PICK UP PROCEDURES
    If you are a car rider, please make sure you follow these guidelines for drop off and pick up.  SEMS staff will be on the circle to direct you.
    1.  Parents should pull as far forward along the sidewalk as they can to drop off or pick up your child.  Do not stop at the front doors.  We need all cars to pull as far forward as they can to help with traffic on Highway 30.
    2.  In the mornings, do not pull out of the car rider line once you drop off your child.  SEMS has a single line drop off.
    3.  The student drop off and pick up area is on the circle in front of the school.  Parents should not pull on the grass behind or beside the cafeteria to  pick up their students.  Parents should not drive through the teacher parking lot to drop off students and should not park in the teacher parking lot to pick up their child in the afternoon.  Students will not be allowed into the teacher parking lot to leave.  Cars are not allowed to cross the bus ramp from the Middle School to High School and vice versa.  Parents should not park on the circle to pick up their student. 
    4.  SEMS does not have a walk up student pick up.  Parents should follow the car rider line for student pick up. 
    5.  Please do not be on your phones in pickup line, especially when you are waiting on the officer to direct you.
    6.  Parents needing to pick their student up early for an appointment will need to sign their student out in the front office. 
    7.  In the afternoons, once your student is in your vehicle, SEMS staff may direct you to pull out of line and around cars ahead of you still waiting on their student.  Watch staff members for directions.   Staff members watch traffic exiting the circle and the deputy directing traffic when allowing cars to pull around.  Staff members may hold you in line due to traffic issues at the school exit.  Be patient, they will get you out and moving as quickly as possible.
    8. School starts at 8:20.  Students not in the building at 8:20 will be marked unexcused tardy.  Be mindful of traffic and weather. 
                                                                   Transportation  Changes 
       No Changes will be make after 3:00.  On half days no changes will be make after12:00
    If you change your student to a bus rider an address for their afternoon destination must be given. 
Last Modified on March 13, 2019