James Finlen
  • James Finlen, Special Education Teacher 

    Name: James Finlen
    Email Address: jfinlen@effingham.k12.ga.us

    I currently serve South Effingham High School as a Special Education teacher. I have a passion for developing technology that my students can utilize to serve themselves better as they depart high school. One tool that I am developing, is a personal "Success Tool" where the students can create a "vision board", track short term/ long term goals & send daily, weekly or monthly tasks/ reminders to assist their organizational/ executive function skills. 

    I strive to create activities for my students to practice work ethic, community service & strive for the self-discipline that will allow them to contribute to society effectively upon graduation. 

    I believe that literacy is the most fundamental skill for students to realize success in any subject area & that by interacting with content that promotes a growth mindset, students will be most likely succeed for the long term.


    My schedule for the school day is as follows:

    1st Period- Co-teach Algebra 1, Ms. Cribbs, Room 105

    2nd Period- Room 408

    3rd Period- Co-teach Literature, Ms. Rabich, Room 213

    4th Period- Co teach, Literature, Ms. Rabich, Room 213

    5th Period- Co-teach, Literature, Ms. Rabich, Room 213

    6th Period- Study Skills, Room 115

    7th period- Planning, Room 410 (Tutoring available during this time upon request)