GES Charm Incentive Program

    It is important to the faculty and staff at Guyton Elementary that we encourage students to excel in all areas of development including academics, social skills, and behavior.   Our Charm Incentive program is utilized to recognizing students for their successes in these areas.   All students receive a charm necklace at the beginning of the year and will work to earn charms for a variety of tasks and behaviors:
     Charms all K-5 students are eligible to earn:
    • Attendance-for students who are present each day in a 9 week grading period
    • Caught Being Good-for students who are selected as the "Student of the month" 
    • Red Ribbon-all students who sign the drug-free pledge in October will receive this charm
    • Step Right Up And Read! -Students may earn a maximum of 6  charms for completing levels of the reading challenge each semester.  
    •  Additional Charms-Classroom teachers may also recognize students who go above and beyond in academics or behavior or are considered most improved for the grading period.  Also, a Principal’s award will be awarded to students who win school and county awards such as Invention Convention, Media Festival, Quick-Think-A-thon, etc.

    Charms 1st-5th graders are eligible to earn:

    • Honor Roll-awarded at the end of each grading period
    • Math Challenge-awarded to students who meet grade requirements for the challenge


    Charms Kindergarten students are eligible to earn:

    • Penmanship-earned for accurate handwriting of first AND last name
    • Shoe Tying-earned for independently tying shoes
    • Sight words-earned for mastery of sight word lists sent home by teachers
    *Note:  Additional charms may be added as needed throughout the year
    Charm Store:Brian
    For every 5 charms students earn, they may choose a privilege or prize from the Charm Store in the Media Center. Privileges include a dress down day pass, free ice-cream pass, and homework pass. Prizes are usually pencils, pens, folders and other school supply type items that may be useful in the classroom.
Last Modified on September 18, 2018