Reading Is Awesome!



    Welcome to Read 180!
    My name is Lisa Seeley and I will be your child's Read 180 teacher this year. I'm excited to start another year and can't wait to see the progress that I KNOW will take place!
    This is my sixth year at SEMS teaching Read 180. Previously I taught at the elementary level for five years. I absolutely love my job and feel beyond blessed to work with some of the most amazing students I've ever met! I can always be reached via my school email- I check it multiple times per day and I will respond to you.
    Supply reminder: Students are REQUIRED to have headphones/earbuds for this class every day! Our school store sells earbuds for $2 if you cannot make it to the store. 
     If you would like to see if a book you have at home or have found at the library is included in our Reading Counts quiz database, click the link below! You also need to check the Lexile level of the book to make sure it is in your Lexile range.
    Happy reading!
    Also, make sure to check out our class online book order page! You can go online and order books for your child at a very affordable price, while at the same time helping to earn free books for our class! Here's how to order books:
    1. Go to the website https://clubs.scholastic.com/. It will allow you to sign in or create an account as a parent.
    2. When you are prompted, please enter the class code QRWNC (this is important- this is how I get credit and earn points off your purchases! Also, this is the code that links you to SEMS so your books get delivered here!)
    3. When entering your student’s name, please do the following:

    Enter their FULL name for first name

    Enter their HOMEROOM TEACHER for last name

    For example, if your child’s name is John Smith and their Homeroom teacher is Mrs. Dixon, you would enter:

    First name: John Smith

    Last name: Dixon

    (This is important! This allows me to track down your child to get them their books!)

    1. You can choose from any of the book order fliers you see or search for books. There are so many books to choose from!
    Below is some information for those of you who are unfamiliar with the program.

    What happens during a READ 180 session?

    Each READ 180 session begins with the whole class working together with the teacher. Then, the class breaks up into three small groups that take turns working independently with the computer software, working together with the teacher, and reading independently in a quiet area of the room.  To learn more about the READ 180 instructional model and materials and about what students do at each work station, go to  https://www.hmhco.com/products/read-180/family/. 


    What skills do students develop using READ 180?

    READ 180 is designed to help your child develop and improve their skills in the following areas:


    ·         Phonics: Students in READ 180 who identify a need for phonics get instruction in how to “decode” text by understanding how letters and spelling patterns stand for sounds in the English language.

    ·         Fluency: Fluency is the ability to read smoothly, accurately, and with confidence and expression. READ 180 students develop fluency through repeated readings of texts on the computer and teacher-guided reading and instruction. Audiobooks and narrated online readings model fluent reading for listeners.

    ·         Reading Comprehension: Students in READ 180 learn, practice, and are tested on a variety of skills and strategies (such as finding main ideas, summarizing the important parts of a text, and understanding causes and effects) that help readers better understand and remember what they read.

    ·         Vocabulary

    ·         Spelling

    ·         Writing

    ·         Global Perspectives: READ 180 readings focus on diverse people and cultures both within and outside of the United States.

    ·         College and Career Readiness Skills

Last Modified on August 22, 2018