Mrs. Cynthia Smith


    March 16, 2020


    Hello Everyone!


    So here we are......they finally cancelled school until....

    so now what?


    I know most of you have never gone to school online.  We don't know for how long.  We don't know much at all.


    What I do know is that I want you all to graduate on time.  We need to take steps to make sure you can do that by continuing to take care of business.  We need to prepare yoou for the end of course test in May.  We will do what we can and then refigure where we are when we return to school.


    Go to the tab on the left that says Forensics.  There will be more information there for you and dates to follow.  I will be checking theQuia tests and assigning grades for those that make above an 80.  It's important that you take these.

    I will publish everyone's Quia codes on Google Classroom.

    Your Goodle Class room and Remind codes are posted in the section on the left under Forensics.

    Send me an email, if you need more guidance.


    Take care of yourselves.  I will miss you.

    Mrs. Smith