• Monica D. Kessler

    Math Teacher

    Schedule for 3/18-4/10: CLICK HERE

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    1st Period- RemindCode: remind.com/join/24848b 

    Google Classroom: aricmml 

    4th Period- RemindCode: remind.com/join/3dfc6g 

    Google Classroom:prrngcw 


    3rd Period- RemindCode: remind.com/join/9hf4b9

    Google Classroom:qaapg5w

    5th Period- RemindCode: remind.com/join/e2ge98

    Google Classroom:vfnskx6

    6th Period-RemindCode: remind.com/join/bgb9hc


    Contact me through email at  mdkessler@effingham.k12.ga.us

       Teaching mathematics has always been my dream. My vision as a teacher is to inspire and motivate my students to see the fun and interesting side of math!

        I have an Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from Lincoln Memorial University. I have a Masters in Adult Education and Community Leadership from Armstrong Atlantic State University where I also received my Bachelors in Mathematics. I graduated high school here at ECHS and am a true Rebel through and through!



    • 1st-Geometry
    • 2nd-Planning
    • 3rd-College Readiness
    • 4th-Geometry 
    • 5th-College Readiness
              (2nd lunch)
    • 6th-College Readiness 
    • 7th- Planning


    *I am available before school for tutoring upon request.*
    Any morning from 8:00am-8:15am
    After November, I am also available in the afternoons from 4-4:30pm.