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    What are CTSOs?


    The Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Division of the Georgia Department of Education is responsible for the career and leadership development of students in middle and high schools across the state.


    The CTAE department works with the eight Career, Technical Student Organizations to enrich the curriculum in the CTAE Pathways.


    Many of these organizations are state chapters of national organizations that, with the aid of multiple corporate sponsors, have succeeded in developing effective programs to instruct and challenge students. Students who participate in a CTSO will be given opportunities to develop leadership skills, gain experience in their chosen field of discipline, participate in a variety of competitive events, and meet other students from across who have similar interests.

    For more information about CTSO please visit: https://gactso.org
    To view the full PDF of calendar below please visit https://gactso.org/1920/CTSO_Master_Calendar_2019-2020.pdf