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    Congratulations to the Mustangs!!! On Saturday we qualified for the GHSA Team Wrestling State tournament the seond year in a row.  Mustangs went 2-1 on Saturday beating Statesboro 78-3 in the first round before falling to Richmond Hill in the second round 59 to 15, setting up the third and final meeting between rival Effingham, which we became victorious over 55 to 26 for the third time this year.

    Next up, we travel to Lee County for the State Quarter finals.  We will wrestle Grovetown first and then Lee County.  If we go 2-0 we will then travel to Lassiter High School for the state finals and a guarantee to finish in the top 8 in the state. 

    Communication with Head Coach:

    Please use this website, the REMIND app and my email address to view schedules, policies and other pertinenet information.

    Remind App Code: SEWRSTLNG

    Email:  cbringer@effingham.k12.ga.us


    Team Values: As a Soldier for over 24 years, Discipline and a solid Value set is the conerstone to any great fighting unit, the same holds true for academic and sports teams.  These are our team values. 


    Discipline - Always do the right thing! 


    Mustang Pride

    P - Preperation - Always be prepared physically and mentally for school, athletics and life.  

    R - Respect - Respect everyone, Family, teammates, opponents. 

    I - Integrity - Do the right thing all the time especially when no one is looking.

    D - Determination - Never Quit, Never Accept Defeat - Fight until the last second of every match, assignment, project you are required to accomplish.

    E - Esprit de Corps - Military term for having pride in your unit.  Have pride in your team, the friendships you build on this team and in the wrestling community will last a lifetime, take pride in that.  

Last Modified on January 18, 2021