School Psychologists strive to-
        ~provide the highest services to the children of Georgia through the collaboration of professionals sharing knowledge, experience, research, and accountability.
       ~promote and maintain the highest standards of ethics, training, and professional practices in Psychological Services in the schools of the state of Georgia.

       ~advance education and mental health through psychological research and the dissemination of professional ideas.

       ~serve the mental health and educational needs of students and to assist in the development of sound educational practices for the total school program.

       ~study issues and provide recommendations for the organization and administration of school psychology and  professional practices.
    School Psychologists-
        ~are state and nationally certified professionals who serve preschool to adult individuals in public and private settings.

       ~help students who may be having learning, behavioral and emotional problems through a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment and intervention..

       ~serve the school system by consulting with teachers, parents and administrators aiding them with information and recommendations.

       ~conduct research to help promote effective forms of learning, discipline, and social interaction.

       ~are liaisons and effective personnel in the event of a crisis to help alleviate the stressors and promote healthy transition in the schools and community.