• Russell Hillman
    Russell Hillman
    Architecture / Engineering
    Program Director
    Room Number: 309
    912. 754.5610 (tel)
    912.754.5611 (fax)


    Course ID
    Course Title
    48.5420092Survey of Engineering Graphics8:15 - 9:35ECA
    3D Models and Analysis
    8:15 - 9:35
    Architectural Drawing and Design I
    8:15 - 9:35
    48.5450092Architectural Drawing and Design I9:45 - 11:05ECA
    48.5460093Architectural Drawing and Design II9:45 - 11:05ECA
    48.54300933D Modeling and Analysis9:45 - 11:05ECA
    48.5410091Introduction to Engineering Drawing & Design1:55 - 3:05ECHS


    I will be teaching at both Effingham County High School and Effingham College & Career Academy this year.
    I will be teaching the advanced classes in the mornings at ECCA.  I will be available from 7:30 most mornings, I leave ECCA at lunchtime to go to ECHS for my afternoon classes. I will be teaching the Intro classes at ECHS during 4th period.  I will normally be available until 4:30 most days.  Please feel free to contact me with concerns and questions.
    In this website you will find content directly related to the Architecture pathway classes at Effingham College & Career Academy as well as Effingham County High School. Students are expected to explore this site to become familiar with all course information and instructor expectations.
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