• Find Your Spot in Business & Computer Science
    The term “business” covers a wide variety of business types: manufacturing, retail, and finance. All businesses, regardless of type, require administrative, finance, and support personnel to keep operations running smoothly. You’ll find many opportunities in this field, especially if you have good computer skills. Demand is high for employees who can write new software code or provide technical support for computer software, hardware, and systems.
    You can take the skills you learn in this program and channel them into a career in personnel or business management, or accounting. You can even create your own company. Here is a sample of careers in Business and Computer Science:
    • Business Owner
    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • Financial Planner
    • Accountant
    • Computer Programmer
    Team Member Spotlight
    Felecia Johnson
    SEHS Small Business DevelopmentSmall Business Development Student
    "THE STANG ZONE enhances the Small Business Development Pathway because it teaches team members the correct way to work in a business atmosphere. The school-based enterprise teaches how to work with different management personalities, different customer personalities, and daily operations of a business that one will encounter while in the workplace. I am so proud that I chose to take the Small Business Development Pathway in high school!"
    Program Components: What’s Included?
    In the Business and Computer Science Program you will build solid writing, comprehension, calculation, problem-solving, and technical skills. You will take relevant math and science courses, including advanced algebra, chemistry, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, and design.
    On the business side of this concentration, you will learn how to create and apply a successful business plan and how to manage people, products, and budgets. In computer science, you’ll work with the latest technologies through an innovative program developed in partnership with Georgia Tech. Team members can also take an AP class in business and computer science.
    Depending on your career pathway, you may start working in your chosen field immediately after high school graduation. You may also choose to continue your education by earning certification, an associate’s degree at a Technical College System of Georgia college, or a bachelor’s degree from a university. The courses you complete in your career pathway include three important training components:
    • Classroom and laboratory work
    • Career Related Education experience
    • Membership in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    Through FBLA you can learn about career options all across the state in business and computing. By participating in local, state, and national FBLA competitions, you will develop interview and leadership skills. Job shadowing, mentoring, and guest speaker events will give you a close-up view of what it’s like to work in a business or computer sciences career.

    Business & Computer Science in Middle School
    You can start exploring careers in Business and Computer Science in middle school and join Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). You will learn about business and computer careers, keyboarding techniques, and basic computer applications. In the seventh grade you can further develop your leadership abilities, and you will learn more computer application skills, keyboarding, and concepts. In the eighth grade you will also have a chance to master pre-pathway units to help you make good choices about your high school career pathway.
    Academic relevance and connections will help you build greater understanding of the standards. Middle school Business and Computer Science courses will prepare you for your high school career pathway(s) of choice.
Last Modified on March 29, 2010