• The History

    The Effingham College and Career Academy is a charter school that opened in fall of 2010. The building received a three million dollar construction grant when it first started construction. The contribution of this grant lowered the cost of construction to approximately three million dollars to be funded by the Effingham County Board of Education. The balance was funded by ESPLOST. The building cost approximately one-hundred and thirty-five dollars per square foot during the construction. The school was the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) approved in the coastal area of Georgia. The building uses various energy efficient methods that were integrated into the building. One of the mechanisms of the building are lights that have sensors that respond to movement in the building. Secondly, there are 30-kilowatt solar panels on the roof that provide a renewable source of clean energy for the school. The Effingham College and Career Academy is a unique school that allows students from the two current high schools in Effingham County to meet in an environment that allows them to develop their desired skills for their future careers.
    There are several programs that are included at ECCA that are not available in the main high schools. One of the programs provided in Engineering which allows students to develop the skills necessary to enter the workforce. Technological programs such as computer science teach students coding, how the technology works, as well as how to further develop the world’s technology programming. Culinary arts teach skills needed if one wishes to pursue a career in culinary. Automotive is offered to teach students the necessary skills in order to diagnose and repair cars and other vehicles. Logistics teaches students the skills to work at the Georgia Ports Authority and related businesses. Finally, Healthcare is available to students wanting to pursue a career in medicine. The programs offered at ECCA teach students skills necessary for their desired pathway and future career.
    ECCA offers students experiences to compete with their respective Career, Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). The Career Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Division, which is part of the Georgia Department of Education, is responsible for the career and leadership development of the students in middle and high schools across the state. The eight Career Technical Student Organizations work alongside the CTAE department to help enrich the curriculum in the CTAE Pathways. These organizations are local and state chapters of national organizations which, along with multiple corporate sponsors, have been successful in developing effective programs to instruct and challenge students. Students who participate in a CTSO will be given opportunities to help develop leadership skills, gain experience in their chosen field of study, participate in a variety of competitive events, and being able to meet other students from across national and international bounds who have similar interests.
    Moreover, in 2016, the STEM Program was added and welcomed 9th and 10th graders from both high schools to take semester-long classes. The STEM addition more than doubled the size of the ECCA building. The STEM addition will accommodate five hundred students. Unlike the CTAE programs, the STEM program offers accelerated and advanced academic courses with an emphasis in mathematics and science. It offers AP classes and 26 HOPE rigor courses. Stem also offers embedded dual enrollment courses through Georgia Southern University. The building now consists of 92,000 square feet, including a cafeteria for 300 students. The Effingham College and Career Academy offers a unique educational experience for the students of Effingham County.
    By: I.Vazquez & I.Napier
Last Modified on May 9, 2020