Hello all. I am Mrs. Stewart, and I teach 8th Grade English Language Arts. At this grade level, you will learn more in-depth skills in reading and grammar. Reading has always been my favorite subject. As an adult, I still visit the library and read every chance I get. Of course I read from an electronic device, but sometimes I get the itch to hold a book and enjoy flipping pages as I anxiously race toward the end of the novel. My teaching background includes elementary as well as middle school. Which do I like best? Hands down----middle school!

    Let's leap into the year with enthusiasm. We will be learning skills and content according to state standards. Learning this will help us transition easily into the next grade level. The work will be challenging and rigorous, but if you study hard it will be a cake walk. I will post an agenda to my website everyday so that you can use it to keep up with assignments. Also, parents can utilize it to see what you are doing from day to day.

    To be successful:

    • Sign up for my remind so that you can keep up with text messages about class assignments
    • Check the agenda tab that is posted to my website EVERYDAY!
    • Complete assignments on time
    • Pick up or print out a tutorial sheet from my website if you need to
    • Tutorial is on Wednesdays of each week


    Famous Quote: "Education is a gift that none can take away."      American Proverbs


    **I am accepting donations of hand sanitizer, kleenex tissues, and elmers glue (not glue sticks).

    **STUDENTS MUST HAVE: 2 composition notebooks (.50 from Walmart, coloring pencils, and/or crayons).


     Need to reach me? wstewart@effingham.k12.ga.us/ph: 912-772-7001