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    What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?
    Response to Intervention (RTI)  is a learning process that mathces general education classroom instruction to each student's learning needs.  In other words, educators respond to a student's academic, behavior or communication challenge with the right amount of intensity in classroom learning supports.  These instructional techniques are called interventions. RTI is not a program with specific times and locations
    How does it work?
    In Georgia, educators respond with instuctional interventions, through a four-tier instuctional-support process called the Georgia Student Achievement Pyramid of Interventions. Delivery of interventions at each tier are based on the student's success in meeting the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS).  Interventions intensify at each escalating tier.
    What is an "Intervention"?
    An intervention is a type of instruction targeted to meet the learning, behavior and/or behavior needs of a student.  Interventions are in addition to the general classroom instuction. These added learning tools are well researched or created by school personnel.  Students typically particpate in interventions within the school day, during electives or connections.

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