• Kindergarten Here We Come is held in the springtime near the end of the school year.  Parents and upcoming kindergarten students are invited to attend a brief presentation of what to expect in kindergarten 

    ABC Blocks   

    SES holds Awards Ceremonies at the end of the school year.  Three ceremonies are held ... K & 1st, 2nd & 3rd, and 4th & 5th. Children are recognized at the ceremonies for honor roll, perfect attendance, citizenship, and other school activities.  Parents, grandparents, friends, and family members are welcome to attend Awards Ceremonies.

    LEARN Blocks  

    What is a Quick-Think-a-Thon?

    The Quick-Think-a-Thon is a live tournament originated by the Georgia Council on Child Abuse (GCCA), Inc. in Savannah. Similar to a spelling bee, the tournament is based on the QuickThink board game, developed by the GCCA through a grant from the Georgia Children’s Trust Fund Commission. It is a unique game which combines the fun of a board game with personal safety information all children need today. Children learn from responding to fictional emergency situations rather than by receiving lectures about child safety. QuickThink also stimulates cooperative learning as players share ideas.

    Areas addressed by QuickThink include:

    Medical Emergencies

    Fire Safety

    When to call 911


    Latch Key Issues

    Child Abuse

    Peer Pressure and Abduction

    Though the game is designed for children ages 5-10, second grade reading/ reasoning level and maturity are optimal for tournament participation. The Quick-Think-A-Thon  provides an exciting field trip for all of the students, not just the contestants. The goal of this tournament is to enable all second graders in a school or community to play the game and learn its important safety information. Preparing for the tournament motivates teachers to use the game often in the classroom.

     Spelling  Bee

    Each year SES registers with and participates in the Scripps Spelling Bee.  First, students in 4th and 5th grades participate in a class bee.  Next, the winners participate in our school bee.  The school bee winner and alternate then go on to compete in the county system bee.    


    Book Fair:

    Book Fairs are important events.  Not only do they help raise funds for our school, but they open up the wonderful world of reading to children.  The Book Fair is held three times each year.  We have one at the beginning of the school year, one at the beginning of February, and a Buy One Get One Free Book Fair in mid April.  


    National Children’s Book Week:

    Children’s Book Week is dedicated to spreading the word about children’s literature and encouraging the joy of reading.  The students participate in reading themed activities throughout Book Week.

     Family Reading Night

    Parents, grandparents, or other interested family members are invited to join their child(ren) for a light snack and reading time with a few activities in the Media Center on Family Reading night each year.  We do hope you will join us!  Modeling the importance of reading to your children makes such an important impression and can be a very special memory your child will treasure for a lifetime.


    5th Grade annual activities:

    Beta Club: Service organization for fifth grade students who display high achieving academics and citizenship. 

     Valentine’s Social: Sponsored by Beta Club to serve Springfield Elementary students and sponsor Espri de  cour.
Last Modified on April 16, 2020