Mrs. Wells
    Mathematics Teacher
    Effingham County High School
    I will enter grades weekly but ALL assignments are
    DUE April 28!!!
    To do a quizizz, go to joinmyquiz.com
    and type in the weekly game code
    (paper copies of quizizz will be available at ECHS)
    1st Period (Foundations of Algebra):
    Week One (March 16-20) Quizizz game code 482002
    Week Two (March 23-27) Quizizz game code 191814
    Week Three (March 30- April 3)Quizizz game code 025465
    Week Four (April 13-17) Quizizz code 943844 and 864820
    Week Five (April 20-24) Quizizz code 726993 and 064750
    2nd, 5th and 6th period (Algebra 1):
    Week One (March 16-20) Quizizz game code 772771
    Week Two(March 23-27) Quizizz game code 097536
    Week Three (March 30-April 3) Quizizz game code 991670
    Week Four (April 13-17) Quizizz game code 834982 and 102229
    Week Five (April 20-24) Quizizz game code 295276 and 724786
    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!








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