Mrs. Wells
    Mathematics Teacher
    9th Grade Academy
    Effingham County High School
     TUTORING: Thursday mornings 7:45-8:15
    (See Mrs. Wells for a pass) 
                                                          1st Period       Algebra 1          8:30-9:20
                                                          2nd Period      Algebra 2          9:25-10:20
                                                          3rd Period       Algebra 1         10:25-11:20
                                                          4th Period       Planning           11:25-12:20
                                                          5th Period       Algebra 1          12:25-1:45  (Lunch 12:50-1:15)
                                                          6th Period       Algebra 1          1:50-2:45
                                                          7th Period       Planning            2:50-3:40
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Last Modified on August 11, 2017