Science Olympiad

  • We will have our Science Olympiad Parent and Member Meeting Thursday, October 21st at 5:30 pm in Mrs. Gregg’s Room (Room 216 on the 8th-grade hall). If you turned in an application, please bring a copy of your report card to Mrs. Gregg and bring your $25.00 membership fee to the meeting. You can also send the membership fee to the school and I will provide your child with a receipt.

    Please join the Science Olympiad Remind (@67k826) and Google Classroom (ufrzw5o) for updates and announcements.

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  • What is Science Olympiad?

    Science Olympiad is a national organization dedicated to improving education by fostering a passion for science among students. Its success is dependent on creating links between community resources, parents, and the school. Improving the curriculum and providing recognition for scientific achievement are the goals of the program. 

    Events include a combination of building, lab demonstration, technology, and testing competitions. Building events include Towers, Storm the Castle, Battery Buggy, and Bottle Rockets. Lab demonstration events include Can’t Judge a Powder, Awesome Aquifers, Microbe Mission, Shock Value, Write It Do It, Junkyard Challenge, and Optics; as well as Crime Busters where students must conduct tests and correctly identify liquid and solid materials found in a crime. Experimental Design is another lab-based event that determines a team's ability to design, conduct and report findings of an experiment. Students also compete in study/testing events such as Anatomy, Fossils, Meteorology, Solar System, Road Scholar, Ecology and Dynamic Planet. The technology-based event included Compute This.


    Link for information about Science Olympiad website

    Advisor: Mrs. Chelsea Gregg


    Remind Code: @67k826

    Google Classroom: ufrzw5o






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