• sherry Work-Based Learning & Teaching Practicum 

    Contact Information:

    Sherry Baggott, Work-Based Learning Coordinator

    912-728-7511 ext. 1343



    Teacher Schedule:

    1st Period:  Teaching Practicum & Work-Based Learning

    2nd Period - 7th Period:  Work-Based Learning



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    Work-Based Learning - Student & Parent Orientation

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    Work-Based Learning is a program where students are allowed to leave school during the school day to go to an internship or apprenticeship in a career area they are interested in working.  Students receive course credit for the class periods they are in Work-Based Learning.  The internships and apprenticeships can be paid or unpaid.  It is a great opportunity to experience real work experience in a career area they are thinking about pursing.

    Teaching Practicum is a course that allows students to practice teaching in a subject area they are interested in teaching in an elementary school or middle school.  Each student is assigned a supervising teacher in a grade level the student is interested in getting experience.  Each student will have responsibilities within the classroom and as time progresses the student will receive added responsibilities.  The practicum student is evaluated by Mrs. Baggott, the Practium Supervisor, similar to hired classroom teachers.  The purpose of the Practicum course is for the students to get experience in teaching before they go to college.


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