• Welcome Parents and Students!
    My name is Jana Aylesworth and I am one of the 11th Grade American Literature and Composition teachers here at SEHS.  Any questions or concerns you may have during the course of the school year can be directed to my school email address, jaylesworth@effingham.k12.ga.us, or to the school phone number, 912-728-7511.  My planning periods are from  8:25 - 9:15 and  2:05 - 3:00 each day.  My tutorial day is every Tuesday until 5:00pm, but I am also available until 4:30pm most days after school if you need to speak or meet with me.  I look forward to interacting with both parents and students during the course of this school year.
    American Literature and Composition
    This course offers opportunities to improve reading, writing, speaking/listening, and critical thinking skills through the study of American Literature.  American Literature includes a variety of literary genres and multicultural writers in chronological order.
    Recommended Supplies:
    1.  3 ring binder (can be shared with other classes)
    2.  Loose-leaf notebook paper (not spiral bound)
    3.  Black/Blue ink pen and/or pencil (no other color or gel pens)
    4.  Highlighters (variety of colors for annotations)
    5.  Red pen (for corrections only)
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