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    Introduction to Graphic Design/Graphic Communication Pathway


    The Graphic Communications Program at ECCA is a comprehensive program that explores  Graphic Design and Production, Advanced Graphic Design, Digital File Preparation and Production and Graphic Communication Output.  


    The goal of this course is to provide all students with an introduction to the principles of graphic communications and design and its place in the world. This course should also help students to use computers effectively in their lives, thus providing a foundation for successfully integrating their own interests and careers with the resources of a technological society. In this course, high school students can acquire a fundamental understanding of the graphic communications and design world. They can learn the theories behind creating aesthetically pleasing designs and how to work with consumers. Exposure to career possibilities and discussion of ethical issues relating to graphic communications and design should also be important threads in this course. 

    The graphics industry with approximately 73,000 firms and sales of $210 billion annually, the printing industry is a significant contributor to the overall U.S. economy. Printing firms vary in size from a single employee firms to more than thirty firms employing above 10,000 employees. 50% of the firms employ more than 4 employees. Some of the types of printing firms in the marketplace are: General commercial printer, specialty printer, screen printer, publication printer, book printer, etc.

    Printing firms have been going through some massive changes in the last two decades due primarily to technological advances. Here are some key changes that have affected the printing industry recently:

    Digital printing
    Digital link to customers
    CTP workflow
    Elimination of film
    Variable data printing

    There are hundreds of professions within the graphic communications field that one could pursue. Those of you that like working with computers will find that there are hundreds of job functions that are computer-based; nearly every aspect of this industry has computers which play an integral part of the operation. For those of you that aren’t computer savvy, you’ll learn about the production end of the business, using the tools and machinery to produce the creative work you have designed. The more multi-talented you are in the field the better. If you can design your own t-shirt, create a magazine ad for that t-shirt and shoot your own photographs for that ad the more marketable you will be.

    The students in Graphic Design be exposed to the many hands-on careers involved in this industry and will obtain hands-on experience with many of these aspects of the industry. During this semester you will have to work hard, but you’ll have fun in this "work setting," make some pretty cool projects, and receive an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to break into this ever changing hi-tech business.We will be working with Adobe Creative Cloud(Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) along with other programs

    Students will also have the chance to compete with others in your class as well as other classes. At ECCA, Graphic Design pathway students have the opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA. They can compete regionally, and if you qualify, on a state and national level. This is a service organization that uses its members's talents and skills to benefit different organizations and individuals in our community. Additionally members have the opportunity to join SkillsUSA where they can compete against other students in competitions testing their knowledge and skill in Graphic Design/Graphic Communication. 

Last Modified on July 31, 2016