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  • Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom: How to Reach and Teach All Learners (Updated A

    by Diane Heacox Ed.D. Year Published: 2012 Education
    I've read and re-read this book.  Dr. Heacox has many ideas about DI which I was able to implement in the classroom.  I have this book and would be glad to loan it to anyone who would like to read it.
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  • Teach Like a Pirate

    by Dave Burgess Year Published: 2012 Education
    This book is a quick read.  This book affected my teaching practices for the better.  I started thinking about the best way to teach concepts taking into consideration the physical setting, and how I wanted my lessons to turn out.
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  • Teaching Science With Interactive Notebooks

    by Kellie Marcarelli Year Published: 2010 Education
    This lady is my hero!  This is a good book for learning about what interactive notebooks can do.  I met Kellie at a conference and her student notebooks are impressive.  I have this book if you would like to borrow it.
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  • Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Vol. 1: 25 Formative Assessment Probes

    by Page Keely Year Published: 2005 Education
    Ms. Keely writes these great books about assessment probes.  Not only does she provide the probes with explanations for each level (elementary, middle and high) she has a chapter at the start of each book which teaches about assessment.  These books are available in e-book editions from NSTA.  You can print them multiple pages per sheet to save paper.  ALL of the Uncovering Student Ideas in Science are excellent.
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  • Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids: (and the rest of your class, too!)

    by Chris Biffle Year Published: 2013 Education
    This is a very quick read.  The strategy is interesting.  I'd love to see a high school teacher try it out.  The kids love it.  I did this with my students.  In addition to my own students I tried it on the students when we rotated classes.  They all seemed to like it and it worked well.  
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  • Why Don't Students Like School: A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works

    by Daniel T. Willingham Year Published: 2010 Education
    I really love brain-based learning and so I enjoyed this book.  It helps us as teachers understand why students don't like school.  What I found most interesting is it doesn't matter what type of teacher you are kids are looking for basically two things: are you organized and do they feel like you care about them.  If they perceive you as having these two qualities they will see you as a good teacher. 
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