Social Work



    Role of School Social Worker

    School Social Workers act as a liaison between the home, school, and community, working hard to eliminate barriers that prohibit students from learning.  School Social Workers strive to bring people and organizations together to work and invest in the community to bring about change. 
    Mission of School Social Work

    School Social Workers, in collaboration with students, parents, schools, and the community, are committed to reducing barriers to academic achievement and leaving no child behind.

    School Social Work Services
    The following are responsibilities of the School Social Worker:
    • Remains informed about local, state, and federal standards and regulations pertaining to the provision of services to students and their families.
    • Attends meetings and other trainings pertinent to carrying out the job as SSW
    • Demonstrates knowledge of community
    • Liaison between family, community, and school
    • Keeps accurate accounting and documentation of work with families through case progress notes on a daily basis
    • Works on interagency collaborations when appropriate for resource development and client advocacy
    • Evaluates and intervenes in crisis situations with students and families such as suicide threats, disaster response, threat assessment, suspected child abuse, etc. and makes appropriate referrals to community resources and agencies as indicated
    • Maintains client records and files all appropriate documentation, incoming and outgoing, in client records
    • Maintains client confidentiality at all times
    • Coordinates services to homeless students as required by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act
Last Modified on September 16, 2019