• South Effingham Elementary School

    Counseling and Guidance Program


    The counseling and guidance program at South Effingham Elementary School is developmental in nature. It is designed to assist students in understanding themselves, to achieve to their capacity, and to make appropriate decisions through personal, educational, career counseling, and guidance services.


    A developmental program helps students to:

    • Understand the school environment
    • Understand self and others                                                            
    • Understand attitudes and behavior
    • Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills
    • Develop interpersonal and communication skills
    • Develop school-success skills
    • Create career awareness and educational planning
    • Create community pride and involvement


    Students may be reached through: 

    Individual Counseling

    • When requested by student, parent, or staff, the counselor may talk to a student privately.  The goal for the counselor is to be a good listener and to help the student sort out a problem he or she may be having.  The counselor is not able to provide ongoing, regular, counseling sessions to students, but can be supportive in nature and provide outside resources if needed.  Information shared with the counselor is confidential, except in cases where the counselor is required to report (such as abuse, etc.) 


    Classroom Guidance

    • Scheduled monthly in each classroom by teacher and counselor to determine best time and appropriate topic
    • Topics can include conflict management, friendship, problem solving, responsibility, feelings, anger management, self-concept, values and character development, tolerance, drug/alcohol abuse, careers, and many other areas as needed
    • Speak Up Be Safe safety program taught yearly to K-5th grades
    • Always Changing: The Puberty Talk taught to 5th grade 


    Small Group Counseling

    • Lunch Bunch and Small Support Groups may be scheduled throughout the year based on students’ needs
    • Parental consent must be secured for all participants 


    Consultation (Parents, Staff, Parent/Teacher Conferences)

    • Resources, information, and materials available
    • Counselor assists in developing strategies and interventions, follows up on consultation 


    Community and Referral Agencies

    • Referrals made to Department of Family and Children Services
    • Counselor works closely with local agencies in providing assistance to students/families with specific needs


Last Modified on July 30, 2021