• Information about taking the SAT or ACT college entrance exams can be found in the high school counseling office or on the following websites:

    Free SAT On-line Practice!!
    What is the SAT Online Prep Course?
    The SAT Online Prep Course is available to all Georgia students, grades 9-12. Once registered in SAT Online, students can access the course from any computer with internet capability, 24/7. Students registered in SAT Online need not re-apply as the subscription for the course rolls over from school year to school year provided the student is actively using the site. Students enrolled in public high schools but not previously registered in SAT Online can receive registration instructions at their school. Students registering after September 2007 will have to be given unique activation codes. This new procedure will not apply to any student currently registered in SAT Online.
    The SAT Online Course includes lessons, quizzes and practice tests. This course is designed by the CollegeBoard, which also administers the actual SAT. Students may gain confidence by practicing with questions just like the ones they will see on the test day. With eighteen interactive lessons focusing on critical reading, math, and writing, six practice tests and over 600 questions, students have multiple opportunities to improve their performance. Students also benefit from personalized score reports on tests and quizzes. The course even contains a feature allowing students to practice the newest portion of the test, the essay, with immediate feedback.
    How can I access this course?
    Click on the link below to visit the site:

    If you have not yet registered, click on Register Now! You will need a unique activation code, which may be obtained from the counselors’ office at your high school.

    What other things can I do to prepare for the SAT?

    Utilize your PSAT score report to assist you in determining areas to focus on improving.

    • Take challenging courses.
    • Read widely.
    • Use the SAT question of the day found here.
    • Enroll in the SAT Prep course offered at your high school.
    • Become familiar with the tools available on this site: www.satonlinecourse.com
Last Modified on July 25, 2006