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Information and Instructional Technology

Engaging learners for future success.

Technology can be a powerful tool for engaging learners. This works best when technology is tightly integrated into instruction and is not simply a "station" in the rotation. This integration will only be embraced when educators and students find technology to be reliable and accessible. With this in mind, ECSD's technology team supports this engagement by:

  • Maintaining district computers, laptops, Chromebooks, and other devices in quantities needed,
  • Ensuring that adequate bandwidth is provided to wireless and wired devices and access to resources on the Local Area Network and the Internet are readily accessible to support high levels of student engagement,
  • Provide appropriate training and instructional supports for educators to implement standard technology tools to actively engage learners.

By maintaining standard technology devices and applications and providing a reliable infrastructure for educators and students, the ECSD technology team supports the district mission:

Make every moment count because every student matters

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