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The Effingham County School District Department of Maintenance and Services plays an important role in creating a safe and conducive learning environment by overseeing the upkeep of school buildings, grounds, and essential infrastructure. Their responsibilities include routine maintenance, repairs, and improvements, contributing directly to the well-being and functionality of the educational spaces where students and educators engage in the learning process. By addressing facility needs, the Department of Maintenance and Services indirectly supports the district's mission of making every moment count because every student matters.

The Department of Maintenance & Services Invites You to Explore and Learn More About What ECSD is Doing

Mr. Ron Womack

Chief Operations Officer
912-235-0109 (Fax)
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Ms. Janna Broxton-Ransby
Administrative Assistant
to Mr. Womack
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Mr. Nick Smith
Maintenance Coordinator
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Mr. Timothy Burnsed
Maintenance Assist Coordinator
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Ms. Cynthia Orr
Maintenance Clerk/Bookkeeper
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Mr. Buddy Holder
Safety & Risk Management
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Mr. Ashley Kieffer
Safety & Energy Management
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