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    United States History



    Course: U.S. History

    Instructor: Dr. Nathalie Starling

    Room #204

    Textbook: McDougal Littell The Americans

    Contact ECHS: 754-6404

    Email: nstarling@effingham.k12.ga.us


    History is happening in room 204! This is a year long course. We will cover  over 400 years of U.S. History.

    Course Outline


    I.                  How to do History?, Moundbuilders- early inhabitants

    II.               American Beginnings to 1783: American Colonies

    III.           A New Nation: American Revolution, Living Constitution, Nationalism

    IV.            An Era of Growth & Disunion: Expanding Markets/Moving West, Antebellum, Civil War, Reconstruction

    V.               Migration & Industrialization: Changes on the Western Frontier, New Industrial Age, Immigrants and Urbanization

    VI.            Modern American Emerges: Progressive Era, America Claims and Empire, the First World War

    VII.        The 1920s and the Great Depression: Roaring life of the 20s, Depression/New Deal

    VIII.     World War II and Its Aftermath: U.S. enters in World War II, Cold War Conflicts, The PostWar Boom

    IX.            Living with Great Turmoil: New Frontier/Great Society, Civil Rights, Vietnam War Years, An Era of Social Change

    X.               Passage to a New Century: An Age of Limits, The Conservative Tide, The United States in Today’s World, Issues of the 21st Century









    Evaluation is made through a combination of class participation, class presentations, quizzes, test, short essays, projects and other written homework assignments.


    50% - Test

    40% - Class work, projects, quizzes

    10% - Homework


    20% - State End of Course Test (semester)

    1st semester – 42.5%

    2nd semester – 42.5%


    *State Rule 160-4-2-.13 Statewide Passing Score (State End of Course Tests shall count for 20% of the student’s final numeric grade in the course.


     The State End of Course test is very rigorous but I am very proud that my students have performed well on the EOCT.


    No late work will be accepted unless it is a medical emergency/or an excused absence and if this happens- you will have three days to make up the work. It is the students’ responsibility to get the make up work from the instructor. The student will 

    Have to make arrangements to come early or stay after school to make up quizzes or exams. This needs to be done in a timely manner since we move quickly and will begin studying new eras. Begin your study guide as soon as possible so that you will be prepared for the state EOCT.          The Georgia Milestones Exam will be administered in the spring to all U.S. History students. 


    I love teaching! I hope that you will enjoy the course and learn about your nation’s past so you can be an informed citizen. You are the future leaders of your communities, state, nation and world.